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AED 18.300

1-on-1 Coaching with an expert

Unparalleled Global Experts
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Leadership Development

A program that will help successful leaders
become even more successfull

Coaching is the most effective development tool for senior executives

One of the things we do very well with our coaching programs is helping executives understand the need for change and taking responsibility for their personal development and transformation.

If you are looking to improve performance of your leadership team and need assistance from our international faculty of coaches, please give us a call and we will work with you closely to design your coaching program.

Your personal development and transformation starts here

Steps we use in helping successful Leaders get even more successful


Leadership performance forecasting
psychometric assessment

Measures leader’s Dominant Competitive Strategy, Ingrained Leadership Culture, Personal Integrity, Deep Thinking, Clear Thinking, personality and predictive Leader VIEWS.


Review of the assessment results
and determining growth areas

Leaders draft development objectives based on Performance forecasts, assisted by LEORON coach.


Coaching sessions with
peer involvment

Onsite or offsite individual coaching sessions and monitoring of change in behavior.

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