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Empower young bright minds
through education

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We support education and academic success

Leoron Foundation’s mission is to empower young bright minds through education.

We believe every child has a potential to fulfil its dream and do our best to decrease the social or economic obstacles they face. Our strategic goals are dedicated to support education and boost academic success of children and young people who are in any way deprived of it. Our primary goals are:

To support the academic success of students from socially deprived families

Provide financial and educational support to individuals who are in need

Sponsor educational, cultural and sports events

Two streams of Scholarships

LEORON Foundation has two streams of Scholarships:

1. Khalid Tawil Scholarship

supported by Dr. Khalid Al - Tawil and Mr. Saeed Mohammed A Alghamdi, with requirements sponsoring only top performing students & offering additional benefits to the beneficiaries

2. Kujtim Jusufi Scholarship

Sponsoring all other students with a lower GPA criteria and a more social aspect. The best performing students sponsored by the Kujtim Jusufi Scholarship, might be moved to the Khalid Tawil Scholarship; as to be motivated to proceed their studies with high-performance and be entitled to the additional benefits.

How to apply

The applicants should follow the instructions provided on our website and apply if they are eligible candidates for the scholarships.

Selection process

The selection process is performed by Selection Committee. All applications are thoroughly looked into and advantage is given to applicants that come from vulnerable socioeconomic background and to future academics that are restricted from further education due to lack of financial means.

Important dates

When the scholarship is granted.
Performance Evaluation period, after the winter semester.
The end of the academic year
* Every week the beneficiaries are obliged to check the website, for updates and announcements by The LEORON Foundation

Donation projects



Annual scholarships for students from vulnerable categories, since the academic year 2018-2019


The LEORON SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM supports underprivileged students through their studies. Our scholar



Partnership with the Association for Assistive Technology “OPEN THE WINDOWS”


During March and April, 2019 Leoron Foundation for the first time is partnering up with Open the Wi



Donations to SOS Village – through our payroll system


SOS Children's Village Macedonia has been working in the field of social prevention for 12 years wit

Realizing major activities

During the years 2018/2019 the Foundation will and is realizing the following major activities

  • Come up with a financial strategic plan for 2018/2019, as to allocate funds in a way that will provide sustainable support to the beneficiaries.
  • Find facilities to run its projects and activities.
  • Lobby with local authorities as to realize its goals more efficiently.
  • Increase the number of its beneficiaries.
  • Fund-raising from local and international investors and institutions, as to increase the foundation’s capacity.
  • Raise local awareness about the Foundation’s projects.
  • Provide Scholarships to academic students, who are children of single parents, unemployed parents, orphans, students with special needs, and students from socially deprived families.
  • Establish successful and collaborative partnerships with local organization, as to choose the best and most convenient projects that the Foundation would support, in line with its educational mission.
  • Collaborate with similar local and international organizations.
  • Recruit volunteers who will run the Foundation’s projects.
  • Support the Association for Assistive Technology “OPEN THE WINDOWS”.
  • Support the SOS Children’s Village.

Notable achievements and projects

This document includes more information of the Foundation’s most notable achievements and projects:

  • Annual scholarships for students from vulnerable categories, for the school year 2018-2019
  • Donations to SOS Village – supported by Leoron employees
  • Support the Association for Assistive Technology “Open the Windows”
  • Empowering Life through Water -¬ Aeyenya (Phase 1) Let's Give Aeyenya Water, Books, And Sustainability (Phase 2);
  • Donation project with the organization “Toys for Trots”
  • LEORON Runs for Education
  • Joined the Red Cross Initiative: Donated for the Flood Victims in Tetovo, Macedonia
  • Donated for the Flood Victims in Macedonia
  • Donated funds for a kidney transplant surgery, for a colleague’s wife
  • Other.