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SRMP Supplier Relationship Management Practitioner

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Course Overview

Businesses are increasingly reliant on their supply partners. Learn how to focus on the suppliers who can help your organization move into the future. Take advantage of this extensive learning program, delving deep into the ‘source-to-exit’ relationship governance of your supply base. Learn about tools that will develop your skills and enhance your capabilities. Be able to make greater contributions to drive forward your corporate goals and objectives and drive smarter behaviors from your internal clients. Learn how to create an atmosphere where your suppliers become more than just a supplier; where they develop the ability to be a ‘responsible supplier’ treating you as a ‘customer of choice’; where they become a true business partner and a strategic asset to your organization focused on long term mutual goals. This course is a mix of both theory and practice. There are short lectures, group discussions and numerous interactive exercises, all designed to develop new ideas and gain full understanding of how and where we can choose to drive better supplier relationships.



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5 Key Takeaways


Understand your supply chain and how to measure and manage different supplier segments.

Learn methodologies to improve stakeholder engagement and deliver great communications.



Be able to implement tools that bring effective governance to your organisation.

Deliver effective exit processes for underperforming suppliers.



Understand the contract lifecycle and how relationship management fits within it.



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Course Outline


Networking with the people next to you. Why should you know them?

This course is about relationships and you will start by creating relationships within the group that will last long beyond the end of the five days. Long-term networking is essential to successful careers and this course will start by helping you to create great networking opportunities with the professionals present, including the expert trainer Martin Chalkley.

Understanding IACCM

  • Why is there an organization interested in supplier relationships?
  • IACCM’s importance in the world of commercial trading and relations?

Foundation principles of SRM and the challenge of contracting

  • Defining Supplier Relationship Management and its meaning to your organization
  • The value added of supplier management to your company
  • SRM’s development: mastering SRM skills and knowledge
  • The five drivers behind successful SRM and their meaning for your organization
  • Understanding your company’s strategy
  • The result of managing stakeholders successfully
  • Building trust across the organization
  • Ways of gaining collaborative confidence with your strategic suppliers
  • Getting senior management involved.

Becoming the customer of choice

  • The participants evaluate and elaborate on few statistics on SRM implementations.
  • Becoming a customer of choice through successful implementation of these statistics

Practical application
Work in small groups: practical use of the five key attributes in becoming a customer of choice. How will it drive competitive advantage to your company? Learning ways to impact your organization’s development.

Suppliers as a source of value

  • Recognizing our suppliers as a corporate asset and manage them as if they are part of the balance sheet
  • Breaking down of the cultural silos that exists in our organization
  • The value outcomes brought by the supply chain

The basics of contracting

  • Understanding of what a contract is, who can enter into it and form a contract, how a Supplier Relationship Manager can exploit the benefits of our contracting relationships.
  • The four basic elements of a contract: what are they, how to use them to our mutual benefit, why do contractual relationships fail; how to reduce failure and enhance success.
  • Becoming more collaborative in the contracting world
  • Negotiating for success: what does success look like
  • Focus on the right negotiation points

Practical application
Delegates will work in small groups to look at the effect of relationship management in a real world example from the USA. They will learn and discuss why the example studied was considered an unsuccessful project.


Understanding the supply base

  • The exact value of SRM.
  • Investigation of SRM: providing mutual benefit and the value it brings beyond the related disciplines of contracts, procurement and

Value erosion: do our suppliers suffer from our own organizational culture?

  • Factors we need to recognize and be aware of in order to maintain strong relationships with the supply base. How far outside the organization one needs to look?
  • Four of the top five value eroding concerns are internal issues.
  • Coordination and cultural realignment: suppliers prefer a united organization, but they often face discordant entity.
  • Benefits acquired by a culturally realigned organization
  • Key internal principles one must be aware of when implementing a move towards SRM

Practical application
Working in small groups, delegates will look at the principles of organizational change within an organization. They will investigate 6 facts that define more future looking company and be introduced to a real life example from Australia where a company drove successful change into their organization and affected true bottom line profitability. Delegates can request that real life situations are explored from their companies.

Approaches to sourcing relationships with our suppliers

  • Not all suppliers are created equal and not all relationships run the same course. Understanding the principles of our sourcing options is fundamental to the future nature of the relationship.
  • The principles of Full Outsourcing and when should they be used
  • The principles behind Equity Joint Ventures and how do we manage them when our own joint venture delivers to us
  • The consortium requires careful management, why would we use them as a methodology to deliver to us?
  • The role of SRM in coordinating a selectively outsourced approach which requires a high degree of customer oversight.
  • Key facts for SRM to understand an implement for the unique challenges given by prime contractors

Practical application
Investigate a variety of sourcing approaches to solve a global organization’s requirement for a change of business strategy. They will understand the impact of choosing one approach over another on the resultant internal organization structure and how that impacts the practices of SRM. Delegates can request that real life situations are used from their companies.

Segmenting the supply chain. Which suppliers are more important to you?

  • Determining supplier’s importance: which ones deserve your focus, which ones should I keep an eye on and who is likely to grow or lose business with me?
  • Different segmentation models available: from the legacy and developing suppliers to the niche, commodity and strategic suppliers.
  • Measuring and managing different suppliers: tips, tricks and tactics one can employ to make the company’s role more streamlined and support the company’s mission



IACCM - International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

With members from 151 countries and 10787 corporations, IACCM is leading the way in responding to the demands of global networked markets. Our membership is drawn from many industries and is made up of contract and commercial managers, negotiators, attorneys and supply chain professionals. Hundreds of organizations have also established Corporate Memberships, gaining enhanced services that support their performance and understanding of market trends. Through our worldwide presence and networked technology, IACCM members gain access to the thought leadership and practical tools that are essential for competitiveness in today’s fiercely contested global markets. We provide insight to the leading-edge contracting and commercial skills, policies, procedures and methods that are fundamental to managing enterprise and individual risks. This insight equips professionals and their leaders to implement best practice governance of contractual commitments and trading relationships.



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

    • Supplier Relationship Managers
    • Contract Managers / Engineers / Specialists
    • Local Content Development Managers
    • Procurement Managers / Coordinators
    • Business Relationship Managers
    •  Business Unit Managers
    • Anybody directly interfacing with the supply chain






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