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RCA & CAPA Root Cause Analysis and Corrective and Preventive Action

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Course Overview

This extensive class provides delegates abroad coverage of Root Cause Analysis and Correct Action-Preventive Action (CAPA) techique and tools. The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate an effective problem-solving analysis. The training introduces delegates to problem solving methodology, demonstrating how you can select and apply the most appropriate tools and techniques to investigate and solve a variety of problems. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving used to identify the root causes of faults, failures or problems which can enable professionals in your organization to identify the reasons why things go wrong and address the issues when customers complain about products and services. RCA & CAPA encompass a wide range of approaches, tools and techniques which enable problem solving teams to look deeper into problems, uncover causes and suggest possible solutions, allowing you to prevent and control chronic and recurring problems by eliminating or detecting the causes of failure in your product design, production processes and administrative systems. During the course delegates will be able to implement RCA & CAPA methodologies to address concerns including:

  •  Product failures
  •  Process failures and poor product quality (defects)
  •  Poor process flow and productivity
  •  Cost of poor events and rework

Addressing the root causes of problems improves quality, process flow and productivity while also improving staff morale as employees become engaged and empowered in the creative process of problem solving and process improvement at all levels of the organization.  



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5 Key Takeaways


Use a structured approach to identifying and defining the problem, determining the root cause through analysis and defining an appropriate solution/preventive action.

 Use a range of logical, data, process and root cause analysis tools to develop an understanding of the problem and identify a root cause.



 Understand the importance and approaches to verifying a root cause.

Identify, evaluate and develop solutions that address the root cause of the problems and prevent reoccurring.



 Participate in effective problem-solving teams utilizing RCA & CAPA tools.



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Course Outline

Identification of Problem Types/Processes

  •  Reactive
  •  Proactive
  •  Prioritization
  •  Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Problem Definition – What/When/Where

Objectives and Success Measures

  •  Scope/constraints
  •  Causes and Time Lines
  •  Costs – impact and resolution
  •  Measuring the problem

Root Cause Analysis Process

  •  Logical analysis
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Ishikawa diagrams
  •  5 Whys Application
  •  Root Cause Hypothesis
  •  Cause-Mapping techniques

Corrective Action - Preventive Action Process

  •  Root cause verification
  •  Developing selected solution
  •  Risk analysis
  •  Error-Proofing methods
  •  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (general coverage)
  •  Implementation planning process and tools


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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

This course is ideal for anyone whose job involves problem solving. As a minimum, all supervisors and lead personnel should take this course and anyone desiring a general understanding of problem-solving/error-proofing technique and tools for process performance, product conformance, and quality management systems, engineering processes, quality control, especially supervisors, managers, and professionals new to the field in aviation:

  •  Managers responsible for process and quality improvements
  •  Quality Managers, Internal and External Auditors
  •  Line managers and supervisors involved in managing customer and/or supplier relationships
  •  Problem solving team members and leaders
  •  Product or process designers
  •  Industrial, production, and process engineers

Senior leadership can also expect to benefit from the course, but need to understand the course does not address in detail the role of senior management as champions for organizational change paradigms (additional course material).  






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We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
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2. Project Management Institute PDUs
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4. GARP credits
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6. SHRM recertification credits

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