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PSDM Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Course Overview

Operational staff need to make decisions and solve problems at work on a daily basis, whether in conducting their daily tasks or as part of a continuous improvement effort aiming to streamline operations, reduce time or improve customer satisfaction. Making sure that they make the right decisions and effectively solve problems, require applying a structured approach to problem solving that enables to identify the problem, gather and analyze information, generate and evaluate options, make a rational decision to select the most suitable options, implement it successfully and evaluate its success.

This 2-day interactive and highly engaging course helps operations individuals understand the fundamentals of problem solving, develop creative and critical thinking skills, decision making skills and learn how to utilize different problem solving tools techniques to solve problems successfully in their operations environment. Participants will engage in several operations related exercises, examples and case studies that are relevant to the real-life problems they face on a daily basis.

0 alternative location(s) available



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5 Key Takeaways


Understand the different approaches to problem solving.

Practically apply the problem solving and decision-making process on any operational problem.



Develop your creative and critical thinking skills and effectively generate and evaluate alternate solutions to operations related problem.

Use a structure approach to decision making to select a solution.



Effectively plan for communicate, implement and evaluate success of your decisions.



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Course Outline


SESSION 1: Problem Solving Basics

  • Fundamentals of Problem Solving

  • Types of Operations

  • Problems faced in operational environment

  • Detecting and Identifying operational problems

  • Effective Problem Solving approaches

  • Challenges to Solving Problems

  • Examples of Problems faced in operations environment

  • Case Study

Session 2: Problem Solving Process

  • Problem Solving Phases/Process

  • Identification, analyzing, and gathering information

  • Setting solution criteria, generating and evaluating solutions

  • Selecting a solution and implementation

  • Confirming solving, measuring success, and communicating changes

  • Exercise

SESSION 3: Problem Solving Styles

  • Approaches to problem-solving

  • Decision-making technique and thinking method

  • What is your problem-solving style?

  • Problem-solving from different points of view

  • Exercise (Role Playing Game)


SESSION 4: Creative and Critical Thinking

  • What is Critical Thinking? 

  • What is Creative Thinking? 

  • Using Creative and Critical Thinking in Problem Solving

  • Creative and Critical Thinking techniques

  • Brainstorming and Mind mapping

  • Reframing and Positive thinking

  • Exercise


SESSION 5: Gathering and Analyzing Information

  • Data vs. Information » Finding and gathering data

  • Converting Data into Information

  • Tools and techniques to analyze data

  • Using Charts and Graphs

  • Scatter diagrams and Tally sheets

  • Displaying Information

  • Exercise

SESSION 6: Evaluating and Selecting Solutions

  • The principles of Decision Making in Problem Solving

  • Setting Solution Criteria

  • Options and Solutions

  • Generating solutions

  • Evaluating solutions

  • Making the decision and selecting the solution

  • Presenting your solution

  • Exercise

SESSION 7: Operations Problem Solving Tools and Techniques

  • The 7 Basic tools

  • Fishbone diagrams or root cause analysis

  • Flow charts

  • Histograms, Control Charts, and Pareto Diagram

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Advanced tools and techniques

  • Exercise

SESSION 8: Implementing the Solution

  • Communicating the solution or decision

  • Planning and monitoring the implementation

  • Confirming problem elimination

  • Measuring and evaluating the success

  • Exercise

  • Integrated Practical Case Study

  • Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks


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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

This course is designed for supervisors and front-line staff in operations who want to improve their creative problem solving and decision-making skills.  






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