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Partnership with the Association for Assistive Technology “OPEN THE WINDOWS”

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November 12, 2019 November 12, 2019

During March and April, 2019 Leoron Foundation for the first time is partnering up with Open the Windows (OtW), which is the only organization in the Western Balkans entirely focused on promoting digital inclusion and assistive technology. Established in 2005, OtW employs 7 professionals to promote assistive technology as a tool of inclusion of students with disabilities in mainstream schools in Macedonia since 2010: As a result, over 330 students with disabilities enjoy improved educational opportunities and strengthened self-esteem.

Using assistive technology, OtW strives to initiate and facilitate active inclusion of persons with disabilities and all other people in the contemporary world. We will mainly focus on children with disabilities and direct the operations towards: information and communication technologies, inclusive and modern education and equal opportunities for all. Leoron and OtW’s operations are structured according the following objectives:

  • Become a Godfather to the Association.

Leoron’s donation will cover monthly funds intended for providing conditions for individual work with children with disabilities at the Center for Assistive Technology and thus contributes to changing and improving the quality of their lives.The purpose is to enable the Center accept children with disabilities whose parents cannot afford to allocate funds for the services of the Center.


  • Information and communication technologies available for all disabled youths and children

Through the Centre, Open the Windows is improving availability of information and communication technology for the equal access for children with disabilities ass well other persons in need (e.g. adults and elderly). The main activities include provision of counseling services, development of assistive and accessible hardware and software innovations and adaptations and production of resource materials in the field of disability and accessibility for different stakeholders. The actions are always based on two basic approaches: person-centered and rights-based.


  • Equal opportunities for all

Considering that equal opportunities are a precondition for active involvement of all persons in the societal living, we will support wider social inclusion activities such as:  awareness rising on the need to implement international standards and legal documents that promote equal opportunities and inclusion, and advocacy for implementation of internal standards and legal documents that promote equal opportunities and inclusion.  



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