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MFI™ Masterclass in Fraud Investigations

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Course Overview

Fraud and Corruption is costing corporations and government 5% of revenue or spend, according to the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). This equates to US$4 trillion per year. This is a worldwide epidemic and can only be tackled by effective Fraud Risk Management. The most effective way to manage and combat Fraud is to train fraud fighters and employees in identifying key indicators of fraud and in the latest techniques for identifying, investigation and managing fraud risk. This course will equip you to manage and fight fraud and be a part of the process to reduce the impact on organisations, whilst assisting you in positive career advancement.

1 alternative location(s) available



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5 Key Takeaways


To be able to return to work and immediately identify key characteristics of fraud and corruption risk.

To be updated on Current Fraud Trends, and the latest investigation techniques and technologies.



A comprehensive Fraud Policy for implementation at your organization.

To involve Corporate Investigators in Fraud Risk Management and Investigations.



An update on Blockchain and Bitcoin Fraud risk.



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Course Outline


An introduction to Fraud and Corruption

  • Fraud and Corruption Defined
  • Classes of Fraud
  • Asset Misappropriation
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Understanding Human Behaviour and the decision to steal

Current Fraud Trends

  • Worldwide trends in Fraud and Corruption
  • Fraud Statistics
  • A look at some recent Corporate Frauds making history

Anti-Fraud Programs

  • A Fraud Prevention Strategy for your organisation
  • Constituent Parts of a Sound Anti-Fraud Program
  • Effective Fraud Control
  • Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
  • Let’s work through a Fraud Policy for your Organisation

Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Fraud Risk Assessment defined
  • Fraud Risk Influencers
  • What makes a successful Fraud Risk Assessment
  • The Fraud Risk Assessment Process
  • Let’s work through a Fraud Risk Assessment Case Study

The Fraud Risk Register and Heat map

  • The Fraud Risk Assessment and its link to the Audit Process Fraud Hotlines
  • The History of Whistle-blowing
  • The Characteristics of a successful Whistle-blowing Hotline
  • How to get the most out of your Fraud Hotline
  • The Value of Anonymity

Profiling the Fraudster

  • Understand the Motives
  • Identify and understand the Characteristics of a Fraudster
  • Departments most prone to Fraud
  • Positions most prone to Fraud
  • High Risk Industries


Investigating and Detecting Corporate Fraud

  • Procurement Fraud
  • Fraud in the Purchase Invoicing Process
  • Cheque Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Payroll Fraud
  • Fraud in the Tender Process
  • Fraud in the Sales Process
  • Stock Fraud
  • Syndicated Activity
  • Balance Sheet mis-statement
  • Tips for the Investigator
  • Detection techniques

Handwriting and Document Analysis

  • Counterfeiting versus Forgery
  • Forensic methods of analysis
  • Examples and Characteristics of Handwriting and Document Fraud
  • Handwriting exercise. Let’s analyse our own handwriting
  • How to Analyse and identify Paper, ink, Pens, Pencils, Printers and Photocopiers

Interviewing Skills

  • The Skills that make a good Interview
  • The Stages of an Interview
  • Effective Note Taking
  • What about Recording?
  • Body Language and recognizing non-verbal responses
  • Role Play Interviews in class

Financial Statement Fraud

  • Definition of Financial Statement Fraud
  • A study of some major Financial Statement Frauds
  • Understanding Financial Statements from a Fraud Risk Perspective
  • Who benefits from Financial Statement Fraud?
  • How is Financial Statement Fraud Committed
  • A look at Non-Financial Statement Fraud
  • Red Flags

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Investigations

  • Understanding Blockchain and Blockchain Forensics
  • What are the Fraud Risks
  • Fraud Prevention in the Blockchain
  • Currency flow diagrams
  • Blockchain analytics
  • Wallet Risk Score Ranking

Evidence Gathering and Preparing for Court

  • Introduction and types of Evidence
  • Ordinary Witness versus Expert Witness
  • Subpoena’s to attend
  • The Admissibility debate
  • Testifying as an Expert Witness
  • Courtroom Testimony Tips
  • The Forensic Opinion. Factual Findings



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Internal Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Fraud Investigators and examiners
  • Financial Managers
  • Corporate Fraud Police
  • Banking employees/managers
  • Security experts
  • Big 4 Accountants and Auditors
  • Lawyers






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Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

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We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
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2. Project Management Institute PDUs
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4. GARP credits
5. HRCI recertification credits
6. SHRM recertification credits

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