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Let's Give Aeyenya Water, Books, And Sustainability

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November 21, 2019 November 21, 2019

What’s your idea of basic human needs?

In the village of Ayenya in Ghana, this phrase has an entirely different meaning. Water, food, and ultimately – education – are scarce. Left on the brink of existence by governing authorities, kids and elders are making extraordinary attempts for water and education. Our 3-step project aims to help the village gain access to water, education, and self-sustainability. Along with local organizations, we’re trying to give these people an equal opportunity. But,  Ayenya lacks more than you can imagine, and individual attempts aren't enough. See how you can make a change:

  • Step 1: Give Water Access To The Villagers (COMPLETED)

With over 3 million residents lacking access to safe water supply, Ghana's population often relies on surface water to meet their daily water needs, leaving them vulnerable to water-related illness and disease. Along with Hucasdevi Ghana (Human Capital and Social Development International), we helped a small community in Ayenya, Accra gain access to fresh water. Water is life and our joint efforts helped improve the community kids' lives. The elders will ditch the polluted river water and reduce their 50-minutes daily commute. The new system will provide the village with fresh drinking water. We completed Step 1 in February 2017.

  • Step 2: Build The Village Library (NOT STARTED)

The school-run library in Ayenya is this community's only place to get a hold of books. Unfortunately, it too is a debris of neglected knowledge. We're considering 2 options here: 1. Renovating the existing library to suit the needs of the students 2. Building an entirely new library on a dedicated land that will be given to us by the community With your help, we can turn the below into a real library: Library exterior and Library interior

  • Step 3: Selfsustainaibilty Through The Business Of Pottery (NOT STARTED)

Clay pottery is an indigenous craft in Ayenya. Unfortunately, the tradition survives through a limited number of individuals. As a professional development institute, we’re hoping to train several of the locals in creating clay pots which can be sold in Ghana. Our trained professionals will return as skilled trainers which will train other individuals. Ultimately, we’re looking forward to building Ayenya’s first pottery factory – a constant employer of our graduates. This phase will ensure that Ayenya’s population is self-sustainable. However, to meet production needs, workers are dependable on:

1. Keel Oven (biggest size)

2. Electric Potter’s Wheel

3. Manual Potters Wheel

4. Pot mill

5. Clay site

Your help is essential reaching our target. Together, we can initiate change. Make a donation below.



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