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LEORON – Digital Marketing Institute Partnership To Strengthen The Availability Of Premium Marketing Programs In The GCC

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November 21, 2019

An enhancement to the availability of premium digital marketing programs in the GCC, the latest partnership between Dubai’s LEORON Institute and the Ireland-based Digital Marketing Institute provides reassurance for an ever-growing number of marketing professionals from the Gulf who are seeking to embrace digital marketing as a key component in meeting both global business demands and regional national transformation strategies. Four internationally acclaimed programs by the DMI will be offered through LEORON starting November 2019:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Social
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Search
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist - Strategy and Planning

Closing The Digital Skills Gap In The Region

According to Statista, spending in the Digital Advertising market amounts to US$1,932m in Saudi Arabia and US$1,261m in UAE for 2019.  However, a recent McKinsey study has pointed out that the GCC has an evident shortage of skills in software engineering, digital marketing, and data analytics. General Manager at LEORON Institute, Arben Jusufi, is expectant that partnership with DMI will cater to the digital skills shortage and ensure businesses have a capable and agile workforce.

 “Internet users are growing exponentially in the GCC region and businesses have quickly adapted to incorporating digital marketing as part of their overall strategy. Our goal is to close the gap in the GCC market by increasing the digital competencies of aspiring marketers and creating an agile workforce that is fully aligned with the global and regional national transformation strategies. Our partnership with DMI will ensure the delivery of premium certified digital marketing programs in the GCC”, added Jusufi.

During its 10-year presence in the global market, more than 28,000 alumni members have gained DMI’s credentials worldwide. The partnership between two institutes was also greeted by Digital Marketing Institute’s CEO, Ken Fitzpatrick, who is a firm believer that the collaboration will widen the availability of DMI’s certifications in the GCC region.

‘’The ability to effectively harness the power of digital continues to be a challenge for organizations across multiple industries” said Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO at Digital Marketing Institute. “As the global certification standard in digital marketing and selling, the Digital Marketing Institute is delighted to gain another recognized, respected and ambitious partner; Leoron Professional Development Institute. Through the partnership, we are excited to expand the reach and availability of the Digital Marketing Institute certifications to professionals across the GCC regions, and in turn, continue contributing to the closure of the global digital skills deficit.”   

Nearly half of KSA’s ad spend for 2019 was attributed to search advertising. In contrast, the UAE is reported to have allocated US$487m of its ad spend on social media marketing. Comprising of four specialized certification programs in total, the DMI-LEORON partnership will offer courses in both search and social, as well as strategy and planning, and general digital marketing. 

About LEORON Professional Development Institute

Built upon the strong experience in the manufacturing sector, which its founders developed in Sweden during the 90’s global expansion, LEORON evolved into the dominant training institute that offers a comprehensive set of training and development solutions. We’ve gained a reputation across the EMEA region by transferring knowledge in all strategic corporate functions, including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, engineering, quality, project management, facility management, and soft skills. Today, we are globally recognized as one of the leading providers of corporate training, HR consultancy services, competency improvement solutions and internationally recognized certification programs. We are proudly partnering with over 20 global educational partners and accreditation bodies, such as ANSI, ASQ, AFP, APICS, IIA, IACCM, PMI, LSBF, IABFM and much more. LEORON\'s mission is to help our worldwide clients boost their competitiveness by improving the competency levels of their employees through top quality training and development solutions, delivered by unrivaled global experts and facilitated by the best training managers in the industry. Whether our clients are facing difficulties re-organizing their brand, equipping their workforce with an extra set of skills or aiming to assess competencies within an existing structure, our development programs are a great solution. Through powerful content, gamification, and applied learning, we’ve established a great way of building professional skills and competencies.

About Digital Marketing Institute 

A digital specialist, The Digital Marketing Institute offers the most widely taught set of certification standards in digital marketing and selling for learners, educators and industry. With over 20,000 graduates & 27,000 alumni members across 100 countries worldwide, the Digital Marketing Institute have trained more professionals to a single education standard than any other certification body. All Digital Marketing Institute certifications are reviewed and validated by the esteemed Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC), comprised of the world’s largest and most influential brands. The Council works to set the skills agenda and address the global digital skills shortage. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the GIAC ensures that each certification is designed and refreshed to equip professionals with the latest and most in-demand digital skills needed to thrive in today’s digitally-driven economy.    



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