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ISO 18436 CAT-II

Intermediate Vibration Analyst

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Course Overview

The Category-II course spans four days with an additional half day for review and the exam. It is intended for people who have mastered the basics but who need to be able to take good data (and decide how the data collector should be set up), analyze a range of fault conditions and understand balancing and alignment. We teach you to test machines correctly, how to diagnose faults accurately, perform additonal diagnostic tests for verification, how to set vibration alarm limits and how to correct certain types of faults. You will learn what your analyzer settings mean so that you can take the best measurements and you will learn why the vibration signatures change the way they do and how to use time waveform analysis and phase analysis to verify the fault condition.



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Course Outline

Review of Maintanance Practices 
Review of Condition Monitoring Technologies

MODULE 1 - Principles of Vibration

Complete review of basics
Waveform, spectrum (FFT), phase and orbits
Understanding signals: modulation, beating, sum/difference

MODULE 2 - Data Acquisition

Transducer types: Non-contact displacement proximity probes, velocity sensors, andaccelerometers
Transducer selection 
Transducer mounting and natural frequency
Measurement point and selection
Following routes and test planning 
Common measurements error

MODULE 3 - Signal Processing

Filters: Low pass, band pass, high pass, band stop
Sampling, aliasing, dynamic range
Resolution, Fmax, data collection time
Averaging: linear, overlap, peak hold, timesynchronous
Windowing and leakage

MODULE 4 - Vibration Analysis

Spectrum analysis
Time waveform analysis (introduction)
Orbit analysis (introduction)
Phase analysis: bubble diagrams and ODS
Enveloping (demodulation), shock pulse, spikeenergy, PeakVue

MODULE 5 - Fault Analysis

Natural frequencies and resonances
Imbalance, eccentricity and bent shaft
Misalignment, cocked bearing and soft foot
Mechanical looseness
Rolling element bearing analysis
Analysis of induction motors
Analysis of gears
Analysis of belt driven machines
Analysis of pumps, compressors and fans

MODULE 6: Equipment Testing and Diagnostics

Impact testing (bump tests)
Phase analysis

MODULE 7: Corrective Action

General maintanance repair activities
Review of the balancing process 
Review of shaft alignment procedures

MODULE 8: Running a Successful Condition Monitoring Program

Setting baselines
Setting alarms: band, envelope/mask, statistical
Setting goals and expectations (avoiding common problems)
Report generation
Reporting success stories

Acceptance testing 
Review of ISO standarts





Mobius Institute

Learn vibration analysis from the world’s leading provider of training & certification. At Mobius Institute, we offer the most understandable and interesting training available. Our Crystal Clear™ training methodology is unique, using hundreds of 3D animations and software simulations that make complex concepts easier to understand. We offer ISO 18436 Category I to IV training via public venue courses as well as online through the Mobius Institute website. Mobius Institute is ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited, meaning that you are assured that your certification meets the highest global standards, and our training teaches you everything you need to know according to the ISO 18436 standard for vibration analyst training. There is no more highly regarded training & certification available.



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

If you have been performing vibration analysis for more than six months and feel that you have a good understanding of the fundamentals then you are ready to step up to Category II course. (Note that 18 Months experience is required to be certified). Anyone who wants to be capable of confidently diagnosing a wide range of fault conditions, correcting certain conditions, and taking accurate measurements needs to take this course. Many plant sites require contractors to be certified and many employers require employees to be certified.






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Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

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The deadline to register for a public course is 14 days before the course starts. Kindly note that occasionally we do accept late registrations as well, but this needs to be confirmed with the project manager of the training program or with our registration desk that can be reached at +971 4 447 5711 or [email protected].

The course fee covers a premium training experience in a 5-star hotel, learning materials, lunches & refreshments, and for some courses, the certification fee and membership with the accrediting bodies.

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