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AED 18.300

Our heads of practice

Provide inspirational leadership to all leoronians and clients. Ensure consistent delivery of high quality learning & development services across the globe.

Hamed Behairy

Financial accounting & management

Nigel Tomlinson

Management and administration

Matt Harrison


Benjamin Dobbs

Behavioral Skills

Ahmed H. Hassan

Performance Management

Fathi Habib

Egineering and Maintenance

Mohamed Gharib

CRM and business process management

Our senior experts

Pass the wealth of experience they have acquired over the years to Leoron clients. Teach the global best practices to provide best value for money in the industry.

Nigel Penny


Prof. Thomas L Holmes Jr., DBA

Quality Improvement and leadership

Mike Turner

Financial Accounting & Management

Dr. Ali Zuashkiani

Engineering and asset management

Dr. Steyn Heckroodt

Leadership and Strategy

Diaa Salah

Behavioral Skills

Elias Robles

Facility Management, Real Estate & Property Management

Goran Gakidev

Senior Expert