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EITFM - Essentials of it in Facility Management

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Course Overview

Buildings and properties constitute between 25 and 50 percent of balanced fixed assets. Real estate usually is the largest active position on the balance sheet and represents the largest expenditure after human resources. Accordingly, it has a tremendous impact on profit and loss calculations. Therefore it is increasingly understood as a strategic resource and is part of the value chain creation for an enterprise. Now that the core processes of corporations have been restructured and optimized to a large extent, real estate is being called upon to strengthen the corporation’s economic position.

Facility management (FM) as a profession is relied upon to continuously improve its efficiency to support the financial goals of the corporation. However, it is not only concerned with reduction of costs but also with the continuous improvement of the occupied spaces in an effort to improve the comfort, morale, efficiency and productivity of the occupants. In doing so, the role of the FM can be both considered a cost center and a potential profit center.

Facilities are increasingly being recognized as a strategic resource and part of an organization’s value chain. They have always played a pivotal role in the success or failure of an enterprise, and the increased use of technology is making this more evident. This course demonstrates the countless ways that FM has grown to use IT. At each new or reconfigured genesis, a new acronym has been applied to the relationship. There are countless names for this relationship, but for the purposes of keeping it simple, CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is used as the acronym of choice.

This interactive and highly engaging workshop provides participants with a technology primer that every facility manager needs in order to be successful in an every-evolving world. It demonstrates to participants the important role that technology plays in real estate and facility management by exploring a series of technological responses to common facility management issues. Furthermore, it assists participants in understanding how to assess these various tools for their own businesses, provides them with the tools for developing successful business cases and demonstrates communication strategies that can be utilized when presenting to senior leadership.

Participants will be presented with unique complement of applied knowledge through the content, related case studies and the instructor’s direct experiences.

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5 Key Takeaways


Understand the importance of technology as it applies to Facility Management.

Understand the principles and value propositions behind a wide variety of technologies with application to the FM profession.



Analyze their business needs and select technologies that may be applied to improve business value for their organizations.

Understand the complex impacts of privacy, security and a multi-generational workforce have on technology selection and implementation.



Develop a business case and articulate the value of the case to senior leaders in their organization.



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Course Outline


Introduction and Expectations

  • Introductions,
  • Materials Orientation,
  • Course content and agenda,
  • Participant’s expectations.

SESSION 1: IT and Facility Management, a Primer

  • Describe landscape of IT for FM and demonstrate IT basics for Facility Managers 
  • Describe the 8 steps to procuring FM IT solutions 
  • How to effectively implement FM technology 
  • Discuss innovation and new  technology trends in FM 
  • Putting it all together:  FM Integration 

SESSION 2: Internet of Things in Smart Buildings

  • What is IoT, and Why is it Important to Facility Management? 
  • I’m excited about IoT, should I be concerned about Security? 
  • My security is well managed, are there privacy concerns? 



SESSION 3: Multi-Generational Technology Acceptance

  • Develop an Understanding of Communication Preferences for Multiple Generations 
  • Become Familiar with Existing and Emerging Communication Tools 
  • Mapping Technology Tools to Bridge Communication Gaps 

SESSION 4: Blockchain for Real Estate & FM

  • Understanding the principles of Blockchain 
  • Assess the value that Blockchain provides to RE & FM 
  • Some examples of applications that utilize Blockchain 
  • Identify what to think about when considering adoption  

SESSION 5: Making a Better Business Case

  • Recognize the key elements to overall budget and project approval. 
  • Acquire best practice approaches to your presentation. 
  • Learn how to leverage Lost Opportunity Cost and True ROI in your financial model.




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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

This course is designed for executives, directors, functional managers, project/program managers, PMO staff, business analysts, team leaders and supervisors who want to learn the principles of Earned Value Management (EVM) and how to apply them effectively to monitor, forecast, and control project performance.






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