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ECPS Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

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Course Overview

Communication skills are essential in the professional world, yet they are also great life skills. This is true in whatever context a student works in. How well this information can be transmitted and received is a measure of how good our communication skills are. Communicative competence, the focus of our training, is the total of a person’s communicative skills, their mindset and their knowledge. Working relationships and work results form a virtuous circle: develop one and you will develop the other. This is driven purely by communication.

Presenting is a vital skill in the modern workplace, whether it is a formal presentation to a large audience, a team briefing, a speech, an online meeting or being the “face” of the organization. It is vital we develop a suitable style that fits with our aims, audience and culture while being confident in the information we provide and how we communicate it. A range of strategies and approaches will be integrated into the training for development of audience rapport, communication, confidence and presentation style. This guarantees a genuine, lasting development of every trainee’s skills for achieving real results with their presentations.

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5 Key Takeaways


The communicative competences needed to build relationships and communicate effectively in a working context at any level either internally or externally.

Being able to use communication skills in a positive way to drive performance, engage stakeholders and achieve real tangible results with a strong financial impact.



Have the competences when speaking publicly, presenting and negotiating to achieve measurable results and build stronger professional relationships.

Be better, more influential and more confident presenters who are able to achieve their business objectives when presenting, giving briefings, representing their organization, talking through information online or face-to-face, or selling products, ideas or services.



Be able to deliver presentations in difficult, complex, ambiguous, stressful or intercultural situations.



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Course Outline



  • Introductions and group dynamics

  • Asking the right questions

  • What is effective communication?

  • Culture, personality and context

  • The 3 Vs of communication

  • What is communicative competence?

  • Directness and diplomacy

  • Clarity and complexity in explanation

  • Written vs. spoken communication

  • Tone and formality

  • Communicating with your stakeholders

  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving

  • Functional communication: meetings, presentations, negotiations

  • Virtual communication and communicating across distance


  • What is culture?

  • Models of culture

  • The impact of corporate or national culture on communication

  • Key cultural communicative variables

  • What is diversity and how can we use it for better communication?

  • Communicating across differences


  • The 8 levels of listening

  • Types of conversation

  • Developing impactful conversations

  • Non-verbal communication:
    - Tone,
    - Body language,
    - Eye contact,
    - Gesture

  • Innate vs. cultural

  • Positive non-verbal communication

  • Team roles and team communication

  • Trust and communication

  • Communication, feedback and feedforward



  • Making and communicating decisions

  • Decision-making styles

  • Communication and management

  • Communicating bad news

  • Influencing and persuading

  • Managing your assertiveness

  • Dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Conflict and negotiation

  • Conflict modes and using conflict for positive results

  • Reflections and action planning for real world application of training

  • Presenting your action plans

  • Sources for further study


  • Setting the scene for great presentations:
    - What is a presentation and what is its purpose?
    - Effective, dynamic and ineffective presenters and presentations
    - What is the perfect audience?
    - Great presenters as benchmarks

  • Presenting as a competence:
    - Knowledge, skills and mindset for presenting
    - Linguistic, functional, and nonlinguistic competences

  • Comparison and contrast of presentation types:
    - Standard presentations
    - Representing presentations and being the “face” of the organization
    - “Pecha Kucha” presentations and their uses
    - Speeches and presenting with no visuals

  • Providing feedback on presentations and reflecting on presentations:
    - Affirmative vs. developmental feedback
    - Feedback on presentations case study
    - The BOCA and BACK models for development
    - Preparing feedback forms
    - Video case studies on presenting, representing and pitching

  • Structure of presentations from classic to innovative

  • Opening, closing and looping

  • Communication, feedback and feedforward



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With strategic distribution of our offices in leading locations, such as Dubai, Riyadh, Jonkoping, Skopje, Accra, and Almaty, our team of experts delivers approximately 500 courses annually, and roughly 10000 professionals are equipped with appropriate education and the latest insights in a wide assortment of industries across the EMEA region.



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Anyone who needs to develop or perfect their communication skills for building relationships, both vertically and horizontally, and achieving results in various environments. A maximum of 18 participants is recommended. Moreover, this is an intermediate level course in presentations skills. Course participants should have a high level of competence and confidence in English in order to get the maximum benefit from the course.






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Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

LEORON Institute partners with 20+ international bodies and associations.
We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
1. NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy)
2. Project Management Institute PDUs
3. CISI credits
4. GARP credits
5. HRCI recertification credits
6. SHRM recertification credits

The deadline to register for a public course is 14 days before the course starts. Kindly note that occasionally we do accept late registrations as well, but this needs to be confirmed with the project manager of the training program or with our registration desk that can be reached at +971 4 447 5711 or [email protected].

The course fee covers a premium training experience in a 5-star hotel, learning materials, lunches & refreshments, and for some courses, the certification fee and membership with the accrediting bodies.

Yes, we can provide discounts for group bookings. If you would like to discuss a discount on a corporate level, we will be happy to talk to you.

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