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Donations to SOS Village – through our payroll system

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September 26, 2019 September 26, 2019

SOS Children's Village Macedonia has been working in the field of social prevention for 12 years with families with high social risk, through a holistic approach to identifying the needs of the family, and independently, but also through partnerships with other organizations and institutions (such as LEORON FOUNDATION) to improve the economic situation of the family, enhancing parental skills, improving the quality of life of children and preventing them from leaving their parents. So far, 281 families and nearly 813 children have been supported in our program within the Resource Center, and 70% of these families have left this program strengthened and self-sufficient in one or more areas, thus preventing children from losing the care of their parents.


Children that fail to complete their education are more vulnerable to inequality, poverty, discrimination, trafficking and more. Through providing educational support for the children at the SOS Children’s Village, LEORON helps children achieve better academic success. Additional classes for homework assignments and learning of school materials are carried out 5 days a week. Here, children are supported daily in these tasks. They are divided into different groups according to their school schedule. At the same time, those children who have problems reading, writing and mathematical operations, work additionally on the specific content to improve these abilities. An individualized approach is applied per students’ capacities, needs, as well as the more challenging programs, in the preparation of their homework.


Children who visit the centers daily, and are regularly included in the school, improve their existing school success, they move to the next level of education and acquire:

  • Responsibility for the doing homework;
  • Independence in the process of acquiring knowledge and learning;
  • Better readiness to follow regular classes.


At the same time, children complement their knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Mathematics in the areas of numbers, algebra, geometry, measurement, data handling and problem solving;
  • Macedonian language in the field of literacy, improving speech and creative expression and writing, applying rules for accenting, grammar, morphology, syntax, phonology and spelling;
  • Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry;
  • Social sciences: geography, civic education;
  • Advancing logical abilities;
  • Improving attention and concentration.


In 2019, an initiative to support this project carried by the SOS Children’s Village was brought amongst LEORON’s employees. Through our payroll system, the employees make annual donations that are used for funding educational and psychosocial support for a total of 65 children of school age. Support will be provided continuously every working day by two employees and 4 volunteers. The donations show a rising trend, supported by the new employees, that follow their colleagues’ example to unselfishly stand for LEORON’S humanitarian side.
Successful completion of education and acquisition of life skills are one of the main prerequisites for successful community integration, employment and for creating of a successful and independent future for these young people, for which we strive to be independent, fulfilled and contributing members of this society.



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