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CPM Certificate in Portfolio Management

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Course Overview

Many theoretical building blocks underpinning the history of Portfolio Management have been sorely tested in recent years. Are Markets ’efficient’? Do we live in a statistically ‘Normal’ world? What happened to ‘Risk Free Rates of Return’? These important issues will be addressed, from a practical perspective, to understand how today’s Managers deal with such challenges. Understanding how Portfolio Managers navigate the Financial Markets is key to this programme. The management of Investor expectation is as important as the management of their funds.

1 alternative location(s) available



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5 Key Takeaways


Excel tools to measure Performance attribution & Portfolio optimization.

Interactive group-based exercises in a competitive environment.



A practitioner viewpoint to bridge the gaps between theories & market realities.

Daily wrap-up exercise to reinforce the main learning points.



Globally recognized CPM Designation from IABFM.



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Course Outline


SESSION 1: Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets - still relevant today?

  • Efficient Markets – Are they?

  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Efficient Frontiers

  • What happened to Risk Free investing?

  • Betas and the search for Alpha

  • What should we expect from Equities? The lessons of history

  • What is the ‘correct’ Equity Risk Premium now?

  • What are the Equity Risk Premiums in Emerging & Frontier Markets now?

  • Case Study – Observing Beta at work in practice

SESSION 2: Portfolio Performance Measurement & Attribution Analysis

  • What sort of returns do you want to measure exactly? Relative or Absolute?

  • Time-Weighted vs Money-Weighted Performance Measurement

  • Using a Portfolio Performance Attribution model in Excel

  • What are the desirable properties of the ‘right’ Benchmark Index?

  • The other impact on Performance – Portfolio Turnover

  • Rise of the Machines – Algorithmic Trading & Dark Pools

  • Case Study – Share Turnover Velocities across the World’s Exchanges

SESSION 3: The impact of Behavioural Finance on Investing Strategies

  • Rational decision making vs instinct & intuition. The madness of crowds

  • Prospect Theory

  • Fear of Regret

  • Heuristics

  • Framing

  • Cognitive behavioral biases - Anchoring & extrapolation

SESSION 4: Investing in Bonds – What you need to know

  • What happened to risk free Sovereigns?

  • Interest Rate sensitivity (Modified Duration)

  • Credit Risk – From Emerging Sovereign to Corporate. How to measure it

  • Maturity targeting, Gross Redemption Yields

  • Trading strategies

  • Interest Rate anticipation, Yield Curve strategies, Credit spread strategies

  • Case Study – A look at the Gulf Sovereign Debt Markets now

  • Day One Wrap-up Quiz


SESSION 1: Investing in Equities – Understanding the dynamics of the Asset Class

  • A reminder of the perils of Equity investing

  • Equities in context – comparisons with Bonds as an Asset Class

  • Equity Index construction & characteristics (Market Cap vs Price-weighted)

  • Corporate Actions – Buybacks, Splits, Dividends, Rights Issues, Depositary Receipts

  • Extra income - Securities Lending – by whom & to fulfil what objective?

  • Case Study – The largest Equity Markets in the world

SESSION 2: Equity Valuation Criteria – Earnings & Dividends

  • The love affair with the Price/Earnings ratio

  • Shortcomings of this valuation metric

  • A more useful tool - PEGs

  • Dividend Yields and Cover – who pays them and how much

  • Dividend Discounting. Risk Free Rates, Betas & the Equity Risk Premium revisited

  • Case Study – Sector Analysis based on Dividend Yields

SESSION 3: Equity Valuation Criteria - Price to Sales, Assets & Enterprise Values

  • Price to Sales, the basics

  • Enterprise Values - What are they and why were they developed?

  • EV Multiples - EBITDA, Sales

  • Price to Book Values (premiums and Discounts) – The Real Estate sector

  • Embedded and Appraisal Values – The Insurance sector

  • Case Study – Sector Analysis based on Price to Sales

SESSION 4: Equity Valuation Criteria - Discounted Cash Flow Modelling

  • Deriving the Cost of Equity & Debt

  • The Discount Rate - Weighted Average Cost of Capital

  • Terminal Value derivation - forecasting into Perpetuity or exit multiples

  • Case Study (Excel based) – DCF in practice – Sensitivity analysis

  • Understanding the dangers of Garbage In, Garbage Out

  • Day Two Wrap-up Quiz



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

Portfolio managers, Trustees, Institutional investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Risk Managers, Wealth Managers, Fund of funds managers, Research analysts, CEO’s of asset management companies, Directors of asset management companies, Pension funds consultants, Private Clients Managers, Finance ministry officials, Private equity and Venture Capital managers, Hedge fund managers, Chief Financial Officers, Corporate lawyers, Financial journalists, Market commentators, Asset Management compliance officers, Parliamentary representatives, Fund Accountants, Fund auditors.






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Most of our public courses are delivered in English language. You need to be proficient in English to be able to fully participate in the workshop and network with other delegates. For in-house courses we have the capability to train in Arabic, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

LEORON Institute partners with 20+ international bodies and associations.
We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
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2. Project Management Institute PDUs
3. CISI credits
4. GARP credits
5. HRCI recertification credits
6. SHRM recertification credits

The deadline to register for a public course is 14 days before the course starts. Kindly note that occasionally we do accept late registrations as well, but this needs to be confirmed with the project manager of the training program or with our registration desk that can be reached at +971 4 447 5711 or [email protected].

The course fee covers a premium training experience in a 5-star hotel, learning materials, lunches & refreshments, and for some courses, the certification fee and membership with the accrediting bodies.

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