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CBTM Certificate in Banking Treasury Management

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Course Overview

Treasury management in the banking sector is constantly changing and posing new challenges. This certificate course focuses on how to stay ahead of the curve in terms of best practices and current and emerging possibilities in the arena of bank treasury in the GCC countries. Attendees will gain an understanding of topics encompassing foreign exchange, money markets, securities markets, derivatives, liquidity management and all aspects of treasury risk management (including credit risk, market risk and operational risk). In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis regulators and other supervisory authorities have placed a greater emphasis on regulatory oversight and compliance.

The course will examine the effects of these changes on bank treasury operations with particular reference to the GCC countries. As this is a certified course, those attending will be tested to assess their comprehension of the subject matter. The trainees will be asked to undertake brief case studies and to complete a multiple-choice test on the final day of the course.

1 alternative location(s) available



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5 Key Takeaways


Identifying key risks relating to treasury and their mitigation.

Appreciating the bank regulatory environment.



The importance of competition and innovation in treasury.

Anticipating and preparing for the next financial crisis.



Describe the various types of risks that arise in a bank’s treasury and the ways in which such risks can be managed.



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Course Outline


Foreign Exchange Markets

  • History, development and structure
    - Evolution of the market; growth and importance of trading income to banks

  • Foreign exchange markets and their participants
    - An examination of key participants – banks; corporates; funds; brokers; individuals

  • Foreign exchange markets in the GCC countries
    - GCC currencies
    - Currency pegging
    - Monetary union
    - Comparison with the European Union

How rates are quoted in the foreign exchange market

  • Base and variable currencies

  • Direct and indirect quotations

  • Bid-offer quotations and spreads

  • Cross-currency quotations

  • Factors affecting the spot exchange rate
    - Economic fundamentals – growth; inflation; balance of payments
    - Rumor and fear
    - Market manipulation (including governments)

  • Calculating profit and loss
    - Categories of foreign exchange exposure
    - Running a trading position
    - Realized and unrealized gains/losses

  • Applications of forward exchange rates

  • Case study on treasury-marketing issues


Money Markets

  • Participants in the money markets

  • Quotation of rates
    - Bank discount yield
    - Holding period yield
    - Effective annual yield
    - Money market yield

  • Interaction between the money and foreign exchange markets

  • Money markets in the GCC countries

  • Types of money market deposits

  • Other money market instruments

Securities Markets

  • Treasury bills and bonds
    - Risk-free interest rate
    - Credit spreads and credit ratings
    - Interest rate sensitivity – duration
    - Bond valuation principles
    - Floating Rate Notes
    - Zero coupon bonds

  • Repurchase agreements (repos) and reverse repos

  • Day count conventions and other trading practices

  • Securities markets in the GCC countries



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Senior dealers and dealers engaged in investment and foreign exchange markets.

  • Middle managers and staff working on middle office and back office areas.

  • Middle management and staff responsible for the development of internal policies and procedures.

  • Middle management and staff working in the internal audit department.






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