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CBA Certificate in Budget Analysis

Advanced Tools in Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

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Course Overview

This program has been designed to provide the participants with a broad view and understanding of financial budgeting for enterprises. A discussion of financial statements is a must when considering the creation or analysis of financial budgets. Also, an understanding of how costs behave and how they can be derived and allocated to the various aspects of the business units is also an important part of preparing budgets.

We will be discussing various budgeting methods that have been used and are still in use today in various enterprises. We will also be discussing the methods we can use to assess whether a budget is appropriate and should be approved, and in some cases, whether a project should be undertaken at all.

And finally, no discussion about budgets can be complete without assessing how well a company or sub-unit has actually performed in relation to their budget, and understanding why there are any differences, which there will usually always be.



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5 Key Takeaways


Understanding of how to prepare budgets.

Ability to analyse budgets using various methods.



Improved ability to forecast revenues and costs.

Understanding of the key elements of financial statements.



Ability to prepare a complete master budget.



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Course Outline


SESSION 1: Introduction to budgeting

  • What is a budget?

  • The functions and roles of budgeting

  • The budget manual

  • Participative Budgeting

  • Management by Objectives MBO

  • The master budget

Activity: Each participant will be required to share with the group the various types of budgets they have prepared previously and how they used them in their circumstances.

SESSION 2: Understanding financial statements

  • The building blocks of financial statements: the accounting principles

  • The accounting cycle

  • The accounting equation

Activity: The participants will be required to identify from a list of transactions which types of accounts are affected and their impact on the relevant financial statements.

  • What is the purpose of each financial statement?

  • A simple example of preparing a cash flow statement from the other financial statements

  • What are the impacts of business decisions on the cash flows?


SESSION 3: Responsibility centres and forecasting revenues

  • What are the main types of responsibility centres?

  • What methods can be used to forecast revenues?

  • Where to obtain external information?

Activity: The participants will be required to forecast the revenues of a case study company using the methods discussed.

SESSION 4: How do costs behave?

  • The relationship between volume and costs

  • Cost classification by nature and function

  • The concept of cost drivers

  • The high-low method for forecasting costs

  • Other approaches for forecasting costs

SESSION 5: Commonly used methods for allocating costs to products, departments or services

  • Why are there more than one costing methods?

  • Variable costing vs absorption costing

  • Job costing vs process costing

  • Standard costing

  • Activity based costing (ABC)

Activity: The participants will first be required to discuss what, in their opinion, would be the most appropriate method of allocating costs under some given scenarios, and thereafter calculate the costs to be allocated using the methods we discussed.



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

  • Budgeting and planning personnel

  • Capital and resource planning

  • Managing Directors

  • Finance managers

  • Financial Controllers

  • Senior and mid-level management

  • Department managers

  • Strategists

  • Data analysts

  • Risk controllers

  • Board members






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We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
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2. Project Management Institute PDUs
3. CISI credits
4. GARP credits
5. HRCI recertification credits
6. SHRM recertification credits

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