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Ask Our Directors: 3 Tips To Optimize The Learning Process At Your Company

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December 9, 2018 December 9, 2018

1. LEORON Institute:

Professional development opportunities are bursting up in every corner, and nowadays programs are more inviting than ever. How can one differ and make the right choice when opting for the next training opportunity?

Goran: It is very important to choose a program which will support your career goal. Professionals should be pragmatic when deciding. Our time is valuable hence it is important to choose the next training opportunity wisely. The most important aspects of a successful and life-changing learning and development experience are:

  • the accreditation which is the industry stamp of approval and recognition
  • The lead instructor who brings in the best practices and provides future guidance, knowing the subject inside out
  • The content of the program, being relevant and educational
  • The price, affordability and flexibility and

Last but not least, the customer service/satisfaction which serves as a good track record but also wraps up the entire learning process. 

TatijanaThe decisions are plenty to make: classroom to virtual training; world-class certification to knowledge-based programs, etc. All professionals should work closely with their line managers and L&D department - these are usually specialized in determining the right level of training for all employees, depending on seniority and area of expertise. Along with HR, L&D uses sophisticated tools to determine competency gaps and build development plans for employees within their organization. Findings are later used in combination with career development and succession plans to provide a clear picture of the areas of focus for the training programs. Nowadays, many organizations have their own learning academies that deliver programs developed internally or, in partnership with training providers. For us, the objectives of an organization and its learners are essential to map before initiating the training process. This allows us to tailor programs that suit each student’s professional level, his individual gaps, as well his place within an organization’s structure. We focus on hands-on and practical programs that provide participants with numerous frameworks and toolkits for everyday use. In summary, the delivery approach is as important as choosing the right topic itself.

2. LEORON Institute:

A big portion of the whole training process is attributed to the trainers – they’re truly the stars of the night. What makes them competent in determining a professional’s learning journey?

Goran: There are many factors shaping the overall training experience and the trainers play the main role. A 5* program rating is heavily dependent on the trainer's impression. A star trainer should have great presentation skills; he/she needs to be energetic and passionate about the topic. Additionally, a trainer should have a required knowledge and experience to deliver the desired learning outcomes. We are always looking for professionals who are in constant learning mode. A competent trainer, a professional who knows how to pass the knowledge to others and he/she does it with confidence and with great time management.

Tatijana: Trainers are indeed essential in one’s learning journey. The facilitators and coaches need to have an impeccable understanding of the program participants and their organizations in addition to the knowledge they bring on board. We make sure that trainers and coaches get to know our learners before the program and there is a series of activities we conduct pre-training. The entire process is guided by an expert trainer and facilitated by the training provider. In addition, having solid industry and region experience is as important as academic qualifications and training expertise.

3. LEORON Institute:

Recent studies cite L&D opportunities as crucial in not just shaping your employees, but also for stepping up on the staff retention pedal - playing a vital role in motivating employees to stay in and focus on your enterprise. Have you noticed the pattern? How are you handling it at LEORON?

Goran: It’s in human nature to desire what we see and to attain what is offered. We promote education and continuous learning to all our stakeholders, and our employees are not an exception. We strongly believe that if we do not focus on learning, we will also lose out in performance and engagement, not only retention. Our people are a new generation of employees – millennials, and we are fully aware of the specific engagement policies that we need to develop. We are actively interested in the success of our employees; hence we invest in their growth. We train to retain the top talent. As the nature of our business is education and professional development, we strongly believe that LnD contributes directly to every aspect of a positive and resilient organization. In LEORON we have a plethora of programs available to our employees. We make sure our employees have access to different development opportunities, inclusive but not limited to: certified training programs, behavioral workshops, business development, international assignments, etc.

Tatijana: We have certainly noticed the pattern with all of our partners as well as inside our own organization. Employees are being appreciative of the learning and development opportunities and the same is playing a vital role in shaping employees’ decision regarding staying with an organization or leaving. At LEORON, we’ve witnessed a high employee retention rate over the years, and lately, we have more and more dynamic professionals interested to join the team. All employees at LEORON have precisely defined development plans and take several training and development programs annually. When the programs are suited to fit the employees’ exact career development stage and individualized to their learning styles and competence stage, success is inevitable.     



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