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Annual scholarships for students from vulnerable categories, since the academic year 2018-2019

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December 27, 2019 December 27, 2019

The LEORON SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM supports underprivileged students through their studies. Our scholarship holders are highly motivated students, determined to achieve their goals, and have enrolled at universities, despite their economic struggles. Through the LEORON FOUNDATION over 66 students are receiving annual scholarships. We sincerely hope that all students improve their economic well-being in the future and break the cycle of poverty.

LEORON Foundation has two streams of Scholarships:


supported by Dr. Khalid Al - Tawil and Mr. Saeed Mohammed A alghamdi, with requirements sponsoring only top performing students & offering additional benefits to the beneficiaries


Sponsoring all other students with a lower GPA criteria and a more social aspect. The best performing students sponsored by the LEORON Foundation, might be moved to the KHALID TAWIL Scholarship; as to be motivated to proceed their studies with high-performance and be entitled to the additional benefits.

The call for applications, which was active throughout February and April 2018, generated a record number of 700+ applicants, ranging from a diverse socioeconomic background. The selection process was half the work, according to Foundation representatives. Recent economic shifts in the region saw an inflow of future academics who are restricted from further education due to a lack of financial means.

“We received more than 700 applications – all candidates fit in one way or another. However, an intensive analysis followed by consultations with partners and experts, lead us to narrow down our selection to 50+ of the most vulnerable applicants. It was half the work, really – we paid special attention to selection because we are aware of the many struggles that local economy has imposed to the youth”, said Nena Dimovska, Lead HR Specialist at LEORON Institute.

The completion of the hard selection process for the future students, that were being granted their reimbursements was crowned with an award ceremony that took place in the summer.

The Foundation is realizing the following activities, quarterly and/or annually.

  1. Assessment of the academic success of the beneficiaries, done by volunteers
  2. Taking decisions whether the students will keep receiving the support.
  3. Realizing closer collaboration all Universities and Faculties, as to ensure the academic success of the beneficiaries, as well as evaluate their performance.
  4. Increase engagement of the students. The volunteers will provide a tailored, individualistic coaching to all student by calling them on monthly basis, asking about their ongoing assignments, classes, academic success, etc.
  5. Review new applications and grant new students with scholarships.



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