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ALM - Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

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Course Overview

The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management course (ILM ALM) offers an internationally recognised qualification.
All units on the LEORON’s ILM ALM fit together perfectly to form a cohesive and coherent course with content relevant to modern leaders and the development of their knowledge, skills and mindset.
While each unit represents a competence by itself, the total of all units provides everything participants will need to meet their business objectives and achieve results as leaders while also being people-friendly, motivational and inspiring.
The units on LEORON’s ILM ALM have been carefully chosen for maximum utility in the workplace and engagement during the training.
The units’ content is relevant to leaders working in any sector and allows course participants to use their own ideas, experiences and critical thinking.

0 alternative location(s) available



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5 Key Takeaways


Understanding Leadership

Understanding Organizing and Delegating in the Workplace



Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace

Understand how to Lead Effective Meetings



Leading and Motivating Team Effectively



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Course Outline


Introductions and group dynamics
Introduction to the ILM and requirements of the ALM programme Leadership:

  • What is leadership?
  • Leadership vs. management
  • Expert views on leadership
  • Key theories of leadership
  • Maxwell’s levels of leadership

Leadership styles:

  • The different leadership styles
  • Adair’s team, individual and team needs
  • The style pendulum
  • Factors affecting choice of leadership style
  • The theory of situational leadership
  • Goleman’s leadership styles and emotional intelligence
  • The effects of leadership styles

Leadership qualities:

  • Assessing leadership skills, traits and qualities
  • Gathering feedback from others
  • Taking action to enhance leadership behavior Evaluating a leader


Setting and communicating objectives:

  • Differentiating between goals, targets and objectives
  • Being SMART, PURE and CLEAR in objectives
  • Talking about missions, visions, strategies and purpose

Organising people to achieve objectives:

  • The importance of making effective and efficient use of people’s knowledge and skills
  • Planning a team’s work to achieve objectives
  • Identify the appropriate person for an activity
  • How human resource planning can be used to assure output and quality


  • How to delegate tasks effectively
  • Delegation for time management, motivation and skill building
  • The benefits of empowerment in the workplace
  • Barriers to delegation and how these can be overcome
  • How to monitor the outcomes of delegation in the workplace
  • Delegation errors

Effective communication:

  • Types of communication
  • The importance of effective communication in the workplace
  • The stages in the communication cycle
  • Possible barriers to communication in the workplace
  • How to overcome a potential barrier to communication
  • The main methods of written and oral communication in the workplace and their uses

Written communication:

  • The main advantages and disadvantages of written methods of communication
  • Sending e-mails and written etiquette
  • Managing the 6 Cs of writing
  • Arranging information
  • Managing directness and diplomacy

Spoken communication:

  • The main advantages and disadvantages of oral communication
  • How non-verbal communication can influence the effectiveness of oral communication
  • Influencing and managing up
  • Assess own performance in a frequently used method of communication
  • Identify actions to improve own performance in communicating



ILM - Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management (hereby ILM) is an independent organization which exists to develop leadership, management capability and knowledge in (professional) individuals and organizations. With a history of more than a decade, ILM is one of the largest management body in the world, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member service. So far, over 750,000 managers have benefited from an ILM qualification, while 35,000 managers are now members of ILM. ILM’s vision is achieving social and economic prosperity through excellence in leadership in management. In the regard, with an aim to be the main recognized authority in helping people and organization to meet the highest standards in leadership and management, ILM attempts to: » Endorse leadership and management training » Accredit high quality training providers » Invest on leadership research and publishing



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Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:

The course is aimed at anyone who is:

  • Seeking a recognised qualification in leadership
  • Wishes to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills
  • Has had little practical training in leadership but may be in or moving into a leadership role






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We also award continuing professional development credits (CPE/PDUs) for:
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2. Project Management Institute PDUs
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4. GARP credits
5. HRCI recertification credits
6. SHRM recertification credits

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